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At the Bailey Cox Dance Academy a love of performing is caught through inspiration as well as taught with care and sensitivity. The Bailey-Cox Dance Academy, established in Sheffield since 1972, has a strong tradition of producing students of excellence. Whilst many pupils may not choose dance as a career, it is important that correct training be given right from the beginning, so that the doors of opportunity are wide open. It is equally important that a love of dance is nurtured and encouraged in all pupils so that, whether professionally or for leisure, dance remains a life long source of inspiration, relaxation and joy. Here at BCDA we are very aware of the importance of producing students with "a triple threat" - and so we have established a Drama & Musical Theatre department (acting, singing and dancing) which is on offer to all students from Y3 upwards. 

At BCDA you will find:

  • Expert, experienced and qualified teachers.
  • All students encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • Good relationships fostered between pupils, staff and parents.
  • A safe and friendly environment.
  • Each child and student treated with respect.
  • Lasting friendships nurtured.

Classes for Young Children - Fun For Kids!

Tiny Tots Ballet & Tap 

For boys and girls from 3 years to rising 5’s. These early classes are fun- filled and exciting; children are encouraged to express themselves through the music and movement and to develop their imagination whilst learning the basic dance steps and positions.

Prep Class Ballet & Tap

For boys and girls 5 to 6. Children usually take their first exam, Preparatory tap, before they move up to the next class.

Funky Jazz

A fun class for any children from 5-7 years in Prep or Pre-Primary.

Pre-Primary Ballet and Tap

For boys and girls who have passed Prep tap or are later beginners aged seven.

Primary classes-Ballet, Tap & Theatre Craft

For boys and girls who have progressed from Pre-Primary or are late beginners aged eight.

Fun classes

Junior Street
For boys and girls of junior school age.

Junior Musical Theatre
For boys and girls of junior school age.

Intermediate Street
For boys and girls Y7-Y9 and beginners in Y7 and above.

Senior Street
For boys and girls Y10 & 11 who have progressed from Intermediate Street.

Senior Musical Theatre
For boys and girls Y7-Y11

Clarification: the natural progression through the school

As children progress through the school classes become more structured while retaining the feeling that “dancing is fun”. They are encouraged to experiment with different styles of dance to produce a broad base of experience, and so classes in Tap, Theatre Craft, Modern Jazz, Stretch, Street Jazz, Drama and Musical Theatre are on offer, in addition to the basic Ballet class. For those who require specialist classical ballet training, additional Student Ballet classes are offered from Grade 2 onwards. As the teenage years approach, those who have a desire to dance professionally, and who have the appropriate talent and physique, enter into the Vocational Examination Syllabus classes of the Royal Academy of Dance, while those students dancing purely for pleasure, continue in the main stream. All children and students are encouraged to enjoy all aspects of dance and drama, irrespective of ability or talent, and all are welcome. At the age of 16 pupils who express an interest in teaching begin training for the Pre-Associate teaching exams, with the option of continuing at 18 to gain the Associate examinations of the IDTA which gives them an internationally recognised teaching qualification.


As from Grade 1 it is recommended that pupils take all 4 core subjects, ballet, tap, theatre craft and jazz. The minimum requirement at this level is 1 ballet class plus 1 other class per week. We believe that this will help all pupils achieve an acceptable standard. On passing the grade 1 ballet exam, pupils are given the opportunity to take Junior Student ballet class in addition to the grade class, for specialist training. Street jazz is available from Y3 onwards. This class is not exam based, is great fun and gives a wide taste of different jazz styles. Musical Theatre (acting, singing and dancing) and Drama is available from Y3 onwards and is especially helpful in developing personal confidence in a relaxed but challenging way! Drama classes are available for small groups - ask staff for more information. Drama workshops are available often in the school holidays.


Exams are offered in ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance and in tap, modern jazz and theatre craft through the International Dance Teachers Association. All children are encouraged to enter exams as they are of benefit to the child’s development and a good indicator of progress. It is usual for pupils to take 1 exam per subject per year. Pupils will be informed when they are ready to begin a course of coaching exam classes. A course of extra lessons are offered to provide additional, specific coaching before an exam is taken. This ensures that all pupils are fully prepared and feel confident and at ease. Parents are encouraged to watch this class so that they can help their child practise at home. CDs and DVDs are available as helpful aids to learning the required syllabi.

The class teacher will inform the parent when a child is ready to begin exam preparation. 


Most members of dance staff are former pupils of the school and therefore fully understand and appreciate the ethos that has been established and are committed to continuing the traditions of excellence. They are all professionally qualified, gifted teachers and are CRB checked.

Drama, singing and street teachers are all highly motivated and very experienced professionals who also understand the ethos of BCDA and are CRB checked

Student teachers, who are in the process of training to be dance teachers at BCDA, are also carefully mentored and regulated and have all passed the first rigorous teaching exam with the IDTA examining board. 


Shows are held every 2 years, usually at the Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield. Children and parents get a taste of real theatre, complete with full scale rehearsals, stunning costumes, makeup, lights and music and of course a live audience. This experience of performing is vital to the development of the young dancer, as well as being thrilling, exciting and fun. New parents who would like to get involved in the production side of things are very welcome. Please let us know if you have any skills to offer, or time. Both are of great value in pulling a production together.

NBT Associates, Associates of the Royal Ballet School & Midland Associates

Gifted pupils are encouraged to audition for the above, and each year we are delighted to see our pupils benefiting from the superb additional training offered. Successful pupils attend regional classes in York and London usually on Saturday or Sunday.

IDTA International Awards

The visiting IDTA examiners nominate outstanding pupils from Grade 4 upwards for these awards. Nominated students attend the International Theatre Awards in Manchester. If they are successful in winning they are given a cash award to further their training in the school. There are only 8 winners per year. Sophie Knights won the Theatre Craft Award in 2007 and Naomi Cox was 2nd place in 2011. Lydia Hume received special commendation in 2014.

Fee Payment

Term Fees 

There are 4 terms in the year.
Term 1 Sept-Nov Term 2 Nov-Feb Term 3 Feb-May Term 4 May-July
Terms are usually 10 weeks long and the dates of the term and holidays are always printed on your term bill. Term bills are usually issued by email in the 8th week of term. Refunds are not given unless absence exceeds 1 month and is due to ill health.

Sessions missed due to extreme weather conditions.
We apologise for any closures which may occur due to extreme weather conditions. In accordance with BCDA policy we are unable to offer refunds for these sessions. However we will always offer children and students the opportunity to attend alternative extra sessions to make up for the classes missed due to the snow.  These sessions may be offered at any point up to the end of term in July. Alternative sessions can only offered for dates missed due to snow closure- we cannot offer alternatives for sessions missed due to sickness, holiday or any other reason.  

Term fees are payable in the 9th week of term.

Methods of Payment:

Online (bank details given on your term bill)

By post to:

The Administrator,
Bailey Cox Dance Academy,
152 Carr Lane,
Dronfield Woodhouse,
Sheffield S18 8XD.


Please contact Admin via the contact page of this site for details of fees.

Late payment of fees will incur an administration fee.

Children whose exam fees are not paid by the closing date will miss the exam session and will have to wait until the next set of exams.

Contact Us


Our website address is:

The school’s newsletter (see the "Latest News" link on the site menu) and regular information updates can be found here.

Join BCDA facebook for up to the minute news.

If you need to phone then please do so at the following times:

Week days 9.30 -3.00 and not on Sundays or evenings please.

Cheriene Bailey: 0114 266 9287
Karen Cox: 0114 2680 956


Baby, Prep, Pre-Primary & Primary class wear


  • RAD pink, sleeveless leotard
  • RAD pink chiffon cross-over skirt  
  • White ballet socks
  • Pink satin/leather ballet shoes with pink elastic across instep
  • Black canvas tap shoes fastened with 1/4” elastic


  • White cotton lycra leotard with short sleeves or white T shirt
  • Navy twill shorts
  • White ballet socks
  • White leather ballet shoes with white 1/4” elastic across instep
  • Black canvas tap shoes fastened with black 1/4” elastic

Grade 1 and 2 class wear


  • Navy cotton R.A.D. leotard, sleeveless, round neck, no gathered bust line
  • Navy elastic belt
  • Pink ballet socks
  • Pink satin/leather ballet shoes with 1/4” elastic
  • Black canvas tap shoes- “Teletone” taps are recommended from G1 onwards
  • Black canvas low heel character shoes for ballet and theatre-craft  
  • Black circular character skirt with blue ribbons for ballet


Same as the younger boys with the addition of male black canvas character shoes for ballet and theatre-craft and black vest tops and black footless tights for jazz and theatre-craft.

Guidelines for Using High Storrs School

High Storrs Rd, S11 7LH
0114 2670000


Enter from High Storrs Rd and exit onto Ringinglow Rd - it is a one way system.

Entering the building

  • The student entrance is in the new building to the right of the central visitor’s entrance (towards Highcliffe Rd), under the glass bridge.
  • Parents should wait in the student reception or dining area when collecting their children. Young children will be brought to parents waiting here at the end of their lesson. If a young child is not collected on time then a student will bring the child back into class until the parent arrives.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to collect older children on time. BCDA does not accept responsibility for students in between, before or after lessons above Grade 1.


There are no changing rooms so please arrive in dance clothes, ideally with BCDA hoodie (available on line via the BCDA web site) and black dance pants or joggers over the top. Outdoor shoes and coats can be left in the corridors outside the studios but bring mobile phones and other valuables into the studio. BCDA does not accept responsibility for student’s belongings. Please make sure that all dance shoes/skirts and clothing are named.

Finding your class

  • On entering through the student entrance turn left and walk forward past the dining area. 
  • Straight ahead and down the stairs is Drama 1 (NL2) and Drama 2 (NL3). 
  • The breakout space (NLF3) is the open area with stepped block seating. 
  • Please keep this area free as it will be used for classes. 
  • Please do not use it as waiting space.
  • Turn left again to find Dance 1 (L25) and Dance 2 (L26).
  • For the flexible spaces walk past the dance studios, walk down the corridor, go through the double doors and the flexible spaces (LF5 & LF3) are located at either side of the main hall on the left.
  • The Dance Space is to the right of the coffee bar area.

Eating and drinking

Please do not bring food to class during the week. Children dancing on Saturday may bring a packed lunch if required but PLEASE instruct them to clear away any rubbish in the bins provided. Only eat in the cafeteria area (NFL2) sitting at the tables provided. Water only is allowed in class.

Waiting in between lessons

Students should wait in the cafeteria seating area and not in the break out space.

Lost property

We do not have a place to store lost property at High Storrs so please check that your child has all their belongings with them before leaving the building. BCDA cannot accept any responsibility for any items left in the building. Please make sure all property is clearly named.

Responsible Behaviour

Please talk to your child about behaving sensibly and responsibly while in the building. Please treat the building with respect – don’t leave litter or cause damage in any way. Wait quietly between lessons. Older students must not walk around the building other than to go to class.


We will send emails regarding all important events and issues. Please make sure we have up to date email addresses. There isn't a notice board in the school for our use so it is very helpful if parents join our Facebook group to keep up with the latest news and check our website regularly.