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Lovely comments about the "BCDA Presentation 2015

Tina Carr

"What an amazing show - you have such a professional school with so many talented dancers, but more obviously extremely talented, hardworking teachers. It was wonderful to watch - can't wait to come back and watch all over again tonight."

Sabine Little

"Thank you so much for telling us about the show last night, we enjoyed it so much! My son very excitedly pointed out every single boy, and he was incredibly impressed by Jacob and the other older boys - as was I, of course. It was a wonderful show. A big well done to all the dancers, it was absolutely amazing."

Sally Moorwood

"I'd like to let you know how impressed we were as a family with the show this weekend. The organisation was impeccable, we knew exactly where to be, when and with what at all times. The show itself was so remarkable. The choreography, attention to detail and general ability to showcase such a large number of talented young people was awe inspiring. It was the first for us with Martha being so young and we found it exciting to be part of such a well-managed school. Martha came away dancing for the rest of the day, she was clearly stimulated and we all look forward to being part of things to come. Thank you"

Susan Coldwell

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks to everyone who made the show/ presentation a fantastic success. It was superb and a real credit to the work energy and commitment of everyone at Bailey Cox.. My daughter Millie, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and seeing the excitement of all the children was an immensely proud moment for any parent,family member or friend..

Thank you again and we look forward to being part of the next one".

Katie Bennett

"At the risk of repeating myself I just wanted to tell you both again how amazing the presentation was. Your tireless hard work and attention to detail meant that the children performed brilliantly. I can wait to watch it again on DVD. Thank you for using your gifts to bring such joy to so many children and grown ups!"

Janet Gardner

"Thank you for all your hard work and all the time and effort you must have both put in to produce yet another fantastic “show”. The standard was, as always, outstanding and everything ran really smoothly. I think people who are a part of Bailey-Cox take it for granted that the performances are so slick and of such a high quality. The children know what is expected of them (as do the parents!). It’s perhaps only if you compare it to other dance schools that you realise that this standard isn’t the norm for everyone.

It was a pleasure to be backstage and feel a part of it all. It was a lovely atmosphere: everyone knew what they were doing and it felt both relaxed and exciting at the same time. The children were all very happy and exceptionally well behaved and polite."

A big thank you to the backstage crew who managed everything so calmly and efficiently!"


Kate Livesey

"I would like to say a huge thank you for my first year at Bailey-Cox! I felt very nervous before moving here, but I have felt very at home and made some great friends, due to the welcoming Christian atmosphere. I think the teaching is excellent and have felt myself rapidly improve since I moved here. I have learned to love dancing more than ever before, due to the challenging but fun classes. Thank you so much for helping me get the mark I got in my Intermediate exam and for the very helpful extra lessons (I really miss them!). I think moving to Bailey-Cox is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would recommend anyone to move here".

Philippa Thompson

"I have never written a testimonial before but Bailey Cox Dance Academy is such a fantastic place for your child to come that I felt I needed to share the secret! My child has been attending for 3 years now and was involved in the show last year for the first time. The level of professionalism was incredible during rehearsals and the main show but equally important was the sense of family and how the older students looked after the younger ones. It feels friends were made for life. The regular weekly classes are fun and so positive and when exam classes come round the children are nurtured as well as fully supported. They enter exams full of confidence if that's the way they want to pursue dance. My child has also had the chance to perform with professional dancers which was an oppprtunity provided by Bailey-Cox and the impact on self esteem has been incredible. A fantastic place for both boys and girls with amazing role models in the teenagers who the younger ones aspire to be! Teachers are amazing and develop respect between themselves and their students by their own enthusiasm for dance. I knew nothing about dance before my child started and am now even feel tempted to try one of the adult ballet or tap sessions offered...! A great place to be part of !"

Louise Hutchins

"I enrolled my daughter at the age of 7 into BCDA on the recommendation of friend. I thought I was simply signing her up for an inspiring extracurricular activity, but we got so much more than that. In the last seven years we have become part of a new, exciting dance family. Havana has enjoyed exploring dance and her own potential. We have been swept off our feet with all the imagination, inspiration and exhilaration of the Bailey – Cox show productions. Under the guidance of Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Cox she auditioned and gained places for extra vocational training with the Yorkshire Scholarship Centre and then with Northern Ballet. Now, seven years later Havana has successfully auditioned for a place with The Hammond Ballet School, Chester for full time vocational training in dance. None of this would have been possible without the exceptional dance training at BCDA. We are so grateful to the dance teachers there, who personally coached Havana for her solo audition performance. Without this technical expertise, creativity and inspiring teaching ability Havana would not have had the technical skills or the inner confidence to shine as a performer. Above all else Bailey- Cox has inspired dedication in mind, body and spirit in my daughter. A quality that I know will serve her well wherever her life takes her".

Katie Bennett

"All 4 of our children dance at Bailey Cox, we love the fact that the children are treated as individuals and are encouraged to work hard to reach their full potential. The combination of discipline and a loving environment provided has seen them flourish, gain confidence, and achieve the very best they can in dancing exams. There is a fantastic atmosphere in the changing rooms, of fun and friendship".

Mia Crook

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for inspiring me in my dancing, supporting me and being like a family to me for the past 11 years. I cannot remember a time before I was a BCDA ballerina, I grew up here and I'm always the happiest I can be when I'm here at dancing, It's like home to me. Thank you for the endless love, care and hours you put in for all of us, I'm forever grateful".

Janet Chandley

"Tilly joined Bailey-Cox at the age of 4 and has had a wonderful time with high quality teaching throughout. She has achieved a distinction or honours in every exam so far (which seems to be the norm at Bailey-Cox)with an incredible 95 marks for her primary ballet. She was also given the opportunity to dance the the Northern Ballet at the age of 5. We have always been very impressed with the professionalism and standard of teaching and travel each week from the Peak District because of this". 

Naomi and Eliz Cooper

"Naomi has thoroughly enjoyed her time with Bailey-Cox. She feels dancing with Bailey-Cox has enriched her life; developing skills with full support and expertise. She feels she has been given experiences and opportunities that will stay with her forever. These have shaped her personality as she has grown up. She feels it has not been just about dancing but also about being part of the Bailey-Cox family". 

Jacob Whawell

"Bailey Cox is a huge family all sharing a fiery passion for dance, who all strive to be the best they can be. Bailey Cox is a place I can go to forget any troubles and just truly enjoy myself. Being a boy in a often female dominated activity can often seem intimidating or silly, but the large number of boys at Bailey-Cox is not only comforting but gives you confidence to perform and really do your best. Everyday that I dance at Bailey-Cox I know I am sure to have improved due to either small corrections or a completely new approach, the teachers are so knowledgable and inspiring that their love for dance is passed on to every single Bailey Cox dancer. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of such an amazing community". 

Gillian Hume

"I'm so grateful for all the continual energy and inspiration the teachers at BCDA give to Lydia which is allowing her to achieve the various successes she is enjoying; she was so thrilled when she received the Northern Ballet acceptance letter. The years of rigour and exacting standards you demand along with the pure joy of the art of dance you inspire in her have paid off. 

Many thanks so much for everything you have done and continue to do". 

Kate Rembges

"I just wanted to tell how much Olivia loves the Bailey Cox School. She feels valued both as a pupil and as an individual. You are so patient and encouraging, and her dance ability has improved so much since she has been with you. I would recommend your School as a caring and motivating school with just the right amount of discipline to keep the pupils interested. Olivia is very happy, and after a difficult start has come to love coming to her dance lessons".